The Hugs Project of Western Kentucky, Inc.

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The Hugs Project

Of Western Kentucky Inc

4931 Epperson Road

Paducah, KY. 42003

A place to show love and support to our heroes serving in harm's way 

Packing address: 2219 W. Hovekamp Road, Paducah, KY.



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 First and most important:

If you have a family member or friend deployed to Afghanistan or fighting the ebola situation in Africa, contact us and give us their information and we will be happy to send them care packages.

 About Us

The Hugs Project Of Western Kentucky Inc is an organization that is 100% volunteer.

Our mission is to show love and support to our troops by providing care package items to those serving in harms way. There are NO paid employees and all donations are used to defer the cost of materials and shipping of care packages. The cooling wraps (Hugs) and boot fresheners (smellies) are all made by hand by volunteers. All contributions are tax deductible we are a 501 (c) (3) organization. If you wish to volunteer to help us with the project, please contact us. We need people to sew simple items, help with fund raising activities, collecting items to send and help with the packing and shipping of care packages.

We have volunteers from Kentucky and southern Illinois area from our group.

If you know of someone serving in the Middle East, contact us and let us know. We'd love to start sending them care packages. They do not have to live in the western KY or southern Illinois area. We love all our military.

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Email us with any questions you may have

Email contacts:

The Hugs Project of W. Ky -

Gayron Ferguson -


God bless America and her troops


Because every American serving in harms way deserves the thanks of a grateful nation.