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What's New

 First don't forget to check us out on facebook at www.facebook.com/hugsprojectwky and keep up with everyday information. We update facebook every day.

Secondly, Don't forget to give us the name, address of anyone you know that is deployed to the Middle East. We can't share our love and support if we don't know they are there. Also include what month/year they are due home so we will know when to stop sending packages since we mail them every month.  

A BIG thanks to Carma Labs for donating 12,000 tubes of Carmex Lip Balm for us to send to the troops over the last 4 years. What a great company who cares for our troops in a BIG way. Go on their web site and thank them for helping The Hugs Project of W KY to show support to our heroes.

Starting a new page with information to help returning veterans and past veterans as well on a special tab called Veterans. We hope to have useful information on this page for both the veteran and his/her family members to make use of. It is under construction so please bear with us until we gather more information and post it. As always you can call me with any concerns you have and I will do my best to help in any way I can personally.

We have helped set up a program at the American Legion in Cape Coral, FL and help them with names. We also have a VFW group in the Cincinatti area that we are working with to get packages out. We are so happy that we can work with others and even more love and support can be given to our heroes.     

The 7th annual Patriots Run bike rally was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who had a hand in helping set up, work and tear down afterwards. We raised over 3,300.00 in one day. 

The BBQ on the River has passed for 2017 and we did really well after a slow start. We met a lot of our men/women who has served and received packages from us. That's always a plus. 

We mailed 291 boxes for June, 295 for July, 144 for Aug, 169 for Sept and 68 for Oct. After receiving new names, we mailed 244 in Nov and 561 for Christmas 2017. January's boxes are being packed.

Anyone willing to help raise funds, pre-pack, pack or anything else please contact us. Visit our f/b page at www.facebook.com/hugsprojectwky and keep up with the latest information.

Chirstmas is here again and we mailed 562 boxes so far. January is right around the corner and we will be mailing them at the end of December.  

We now have a young lady working with us as a volunteer who is going to try to do some media/networking work to help us get the word out who and what we are and how we operate. We look forward to a wonderful year and growing even larger. We surpassed 40,000 care packages to over 12,000 different men/women so far. The AP saw our article in the Paducah Sun and is interested in doing a story on us. 

This is important: If we don't know your loved one or someone you care about is deployed, we cannot send them the love and support they deserve. Let them know how much you care by allowing us to be a small part of their support team. Knowing people you don't even know care about you is so important. They share what they get so nothing goes to waste. Let us let them know we care. Contact us by email if you have someone deployed to the middle east so we can show them our love and support. Your hero deserves to know everyone cares. 

 If you would like to donate in honor of someone send us a check with a note or put that information in the paypal message part and we would love to post it for you.  See our Memorial Page to view those who dontated in memory of a loved one.