The Hugs Project of Western Kentucky, Inc.

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Upcoming Events

Check out our face book page and see the latest events and what's happening and news. 

The 3rd Monday each month is our "regular" packing day from 9:30am to noon. If your group wishes to help at another time contact us and we can set something up. 

November 17, 2018 we have 2 events planned. 1 - A concert at the Bikers For Christ Church starting at 6pm. At the Expo center on the 17th AND 18th there will be a fashion show, concert and auction. The auction will be on the 18th but there will be a buy now price on the items. This is a great way to help us raise funds. All profits on the auction items will be for The Hugs Project of W KY. We have also been asssured that we will receive a min of 1,000.00 from the proceeds. We will need some help with this one, just a couple of people for the day in shifts. If your free at any time from 8am to midnight on the 17th or 8am to 6pm on the 18th let us know. 

There will be no packing for January or February as we will have boxes packed for both months in December. Since this is KY we do not know if it will be 70 degs or ice and snow on the roads. Therefore we do not want to take a chance on travel issues. Many of our volunteers travel 40+ miles to get here one way and we do not wish to put them in harm's way nor run short of help. While we have the help, we're making use of them LOL.